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Facade of Dev Shree, Deogarh at night


The Rawats of Deogarh are directly descended from Chundaji, and for this reason, they are designated as Chundawats. Rana Mokal's son was the great warrior, scholar and builder Rana Kumbha(1433-1468); he was born at Malia ka Was near Madaria. Today the site of a temple and some visible ruins (now a museum and interpretation centre being built by the Government); this prestigious area was granted to Sanga ji Chundawat (1521-1574) by Maharana Kumbha's grandson Maharana Sangram Singh ( 1509-1527)and is therefore part of the patrimony of the Deogarh family.

Maharana Sanga's son, Dudaji (1574-1611), who had led a Chundawat faction in defence of Chittor against the siege by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1568, was later amongst those who headed the vanguard for Maharana Pratap( 1572-1597) against Akbar's troops at the battle of Haldighati in 1576. The resulting, near-mythical status which Maharana Pratap holds within the history of Rajasthan, has added prestige to any name associated with him and images of both Maharana Pratap and Haldighat abound among paintings associated with Deogarh.

In November of the same year, imperial troops were stationed at Madaria itself, -an event which must have caused outrage.

Isar Das ji ( 1611-1641) grandson of Sanga ji was among the troops serving Maharana Amar Singh (1597-1620) when he defeated the Emperor Jahangir's son Parviz at Khamnor, near Haldighati. Under his son, Gokul Dasji I(1641-1669), the capital of the Deogarh branch of the Chundawats (which then held the title of Thakur) was at Manpura, with the foundation of the present town of Deogarh being laid in 1670 by Rawat Dwarka Dasji(1669-1706), the first to be designated a Rawat.

Rawat Nahar Singhji II (1965-2012), the Father of Shatrunjai Singh ji was educated at Mayo College in Ajmer and then went on to St. Stephen's College in Delhi. He then came back to Mayo College as a Professor and taught History, Hindi and Photography from 1958-1982 when he retired and came back to Deogarh and made Gokul Vilas ( on the Ragho Sagar lake) his retirement home. This is where Shatrunjai spent his growing-up years, learning about the birds, the flora and fauna and his cultural heritage.

Rawat Shri SANGAJI, 1st Rawat of Deogarh 1521/1574, born as Kunwar Sangaji, son of Rawat Sinhaji of Amet, and his third wife, Rani Navrang De, was granted the estate of Deogarh in 1521, married Rani Shyam Kanwar, daughter of Rao Viramdevji of Medta (and sister of Rao Jaimalji of Badnore) and had three sons.

Thakur Gopal Dasji took part valiantly in the battle of Malgarh Gat in 1611 against Abdullah Khan; he was granted the jagiri of Khemana.

Rawat Shri Dudaji (qv)

Thakur Jaimalji was killed in the mountains of Bassi by the Mughals in the attack on Mewar by Shahzada Parvez; after his death, he was posthumously granted the Jagiri of Bassi.

Rawat Shri DUDAJI, 2nd Rawat of Deogarh 1574/1611, married and had issue, four sons. He was killed in the Battle of Ranpur in 1611.

Kunwar Achal Dasji was killed in the battle of Mandal against Shahzada Parvez of Delhi, along with Kunwar Karn Singhji of Mewar, he was granted the Jagiri of Amdala.

Rawat Shri Ishwar Dasji [Ishardasji] (qv)

Thakur Panchayan Dasji was granted the Jagir of Pardi

Kunwar Jaswant Singhji died sp.

Rawat Shri ISAR DASJI, 3rd Rawat of Deogarh 1611/1641, married and had issue. He was killed by Mer Mota Keet in 1641.

Rawat Shri Gokul Dasji I (qv)

Rawat Shri GOKUL DASJI I, 4th Rawat of Deogarh (1641/1669) fought against the Mer of Merwara and was killed in the battle of Madariya against them; married and had four sons. He was killed in the battle at Madariya.

Rawat Shri Dwarika Dasji (qv)

Thakur Jagannath Singhji was granted the Jagir of Tanka.

Thakur Karn Singhji was granted the Jagir of Tiloli

Kunwar Sabal Singh was granted the Thikana of Bassi and succeeded there as Rao Sabal Singh of Bassi (qv)

Thakur Daulat Singh, he was granted the jagir of Daulatgadh; he and his son, both took part in the Battle of Bandhanwara and were killed fighting against Ranbaj Khan Mewati. He was killed at Bandhanwara.

Kunwar Jagat Singhji, he and his father, both took part in the Battle of Bandhanwara and was killed fighting against Ranbaj Khan Mewati.

Baisa Udai Kanwar married Kunwar Padam Singh of Samuja and had six sons.

Rawat Shri DWARIKA DASJI, 5th Rawat of Deogarh 1669/1706

Rawat Shri SANGRAM SINGHJI I, 6th Rawat of Deogarh 1706/1737, married and had issue.

Rawat Shri Jaswant Singhji (qv)

Kunwar Jai Singh was granted the jagir of Sangramgarh and succeeded there as Rawat Shri Jai Singhji of Sangramgarh.

Rawat Shri JASWANT SINGHJI, 7th Rawat of Deogarh 1737/1776, married and had issue, three sons and one daughter, as well as further issue by a Paswanji, one son.

Rawat Shri Raghav Dasji (qv)

Raja Bahadur Thakur Gopal Das was granted the jagiri of Kareda and the title of Raja Bahadur by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singhji of Jaipur for his bravery in action in the Ranthambhor Battle, married and had issue.

Kunwar Gyan Singh was granted the jagir of Gyangarh and succeded there as Rawat Shri Gyan Singhji, 1st Rawat Sahib of Gyangarh [cr.ca1800]

Kunwar Ajit Singh was granted the jagir of Kareda.

Thakur Swaroop Singhji [aka Swarup Singhji] was granted the jagiri of Bhagwanpura and the title of Rawat

Maharani Kundan Kunwar married Maharaja Sawai Madho Singhji II of Jaipur.

Rawat Shri RAGHAV DASJI, 8th Rawat of Deogarh 1776/1786, married and had an issue.

Kunwar Anop Singh was married and had issue. He died vp aged 22.

Rawat Shri Gokul Dasji II (qv)

Rawat Shri GOKUL DAS II, 9th Rawat of Deogarh 1786/1821, married and had issue. He died 1821.

Rawat Shri Nahar Singhji I (qv)

Maharani Shringar Kunwar, married Maharao Kishore Singhji II of Kotah.

Rawat Shri NAHAR SINGHJI I, 10th Rawat of Deogarh 1821/1847

Rawat Shri RANJIT SINGHJI, 11th Rawat of Deogarh 1847/1867, married and had an issue.

Rawat Shri Krishna Singhji (qv)

Rawat Shri KRISHNA SINGHJI, 12th Rawat of Deogarh 1867/1900, born 1847, married 1stly, 1887, Rani Monghi Kunwarba Sahiba of Dhrangadhra, married 2ndly, Rani Mertaniji of Ghanerao, and had issue, as well as adoptive issue. He died sp in December 1900.

Kunwar Jaswant Singh, married Kunwarani Ajab Kunwar of Badnore, died January 1886. He died in January 1886.

(A) Kunwar Pratap Singh [Anop Singh], adopted from Sangramgarh, married and had issue. He died before his adoptive father in 1900.

Rawat Shri Vijai Singhji (qv)

Rawat Shri VIJAI SINGHJI, 13th Rawat of Deogarh 1900/1943, born 1891, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Rani Nand Kunwar, daughter of Raj Rana Zalim Singhji of Delwara, and had issue. He died in 1943.

Rawat Shri Sangram Singhji II (qv)

Rani Laxmi Kumari Chundawat, born 24th June 1916, Member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly 1962/1971, Member of the Panel of Chairmen, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly; Member of the Rajya Sabha 1972/1978, President of the Rajasthan P.C.C., author of a number of books in Hindi and Rajasthani, married 1934, Rawat Shri Tej Singhji of Rawatsar, and had issue. She died on 24th of May 2014. (Lakshmi Niwas, Jagdeesh Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan)

Baisa Khuman Kunwar, married into Bagri.

Rawat Shri SANGRAM SINGHJI II, 14th Rawat of Deogarh 1943/1965, married Rani Krishna Kumari of Dumraon and had an issue. He died in 1965.

Rawat Shri Nahar Singhji II (qv)

Rani Sita Kumari, born in 1936 in Deogarh, Udaipur, educated at Sophia Girls College, Ajmer; married 25th June 1955, Raja Bahadur Vishwanath Pratap Singh of Manda, and has issue, two sons.

Thakur Mandhata Singh, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Thakurani Govind Kumari, daughter of Thakur Sahib Sawant Singhji of Baneria, and has issue, two children.

Baisa Mayank Kumari [Rajmata Mayank Kumari Deo of Jeypore], educated at Sophia Girls College, Ajmer; married Shri Maharaja Shakti Vikram Deo of JeyporeEstate in Orissa, and has issue, one daughter.

Kunwar Kaushlendra Singh

Thakur Indrajeet Singh was educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; formally a Tea Planter and now retired and settled in Jaipur; married Thakurani Yogini Kumari of Gamph in Gujarat, and has issue, two children.

Baisa Hemangini Kumari, educated at Sophia Girls College, Ajmer.

Kunwar Prithviraj Singh was educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; at present, he is settled in Africa; he married Kunwarani Aaditi Kumari, daughter of Maharaj Suman Singhji of Jodhpur, and his wife, Rani Nirmala Kumari.

Kunwarani Chandramani Kumari, educated at Sophia Girls College, Ajmer; married Kunwar B. K. Singh, and has issue, three children, one daughter and two sons.

Thakurani Shakuntala Kumari, educated at Sophia Girls College, Ajmer; married Thakur K. A. P. Singhji of Pratapgarh, U.P., and has issue, two daughters.

Lt.-Col. Thakur Randhir Singh was educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; served in the Indian Army in the Armoured Corps and commanded a regiment, he was also wounded in the India-Pakistan War of 1971; married Thakurani Chandra Kumari, daughter of Maharaj Govardhan Singhji Sahib of Nachana in Jaisalmer, and has issue, one son.

Kunwar Hemant Raj Singh attended Mayo College, Ajmer and M.S. University, Baroda; he was a Tea Planter from 1996 to 2009 in Dooars, West Bengal for Duncans Industries L.T.D.; at present (2010) he is working for Mehrangarh Museum Trust, looking after the Jodhpur Fort as a Manager, Administration; married 2001, Kuwarani Leena Singh of Bakhatgarh, and has issue, one son.

Bhawar Suryanshu Singh

Thakur Vikram Singh, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Thakurani Vijaylaxmi Kumari of Junia, and has issue, two children.

Baisa Devangana Kumari

Kunwar Ripudman Singh

Rawat Shri NAHAR SINGHJI II, 15th Rawat of Deogarh 1965/2012, born 1932, married Rani Bhuratna Prabha Kumari, daughter of Yuvaraj Alekshendra Kant Singh of Bhinga, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died on 18th August 2012.

Rawat Shri Veerbhadra Singhji (qv)

Baisa Aradhana Kumari [Rani Aradhana Kumari of Idar], born 1st February 1963 in Ajmer, Rajasthan, married 10th July 1986 in Jaipur, Maharaj Karan Singhji of Idar, Managing Director - Spectrum International Hospitality Services, Sydney, Australia; and has issue, one son and one daughter.

Kunwar Nidhiraj Singh

Baisa Vindhya Kumari

Thakur Shatrunjai Singh, born 7th January 1965 in Ajmer, formerly of a Corporate background with Reckitt and Colman and also with Tata Steel, presently (2009) a hotelier; married 10th December 1993 in Ajmer, Thakurani Bhavna Kumari, daughter of Thakur Sahib Pushpendra Singh of Ghanerao, and his wife, Thakurani Rajeshwari Kumari, and has issue, two sons.

Kunwar Mahadhriti Singh Chundawat

Kunwar Bhagyaditya Singh Chundawat

Rawat Shri VEERBHADRA SINGHJI, 16th Rawat of Deogarh

Garden area of Dev Shree during sunset


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