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The family belongs to the Chundawat clan of Rajputs from Mewar. The four major strongholds of the Chundawats are Salumber, Begun, Deogarh, Amet, Bharchadi, Bhainsrorgarh, Bassi
(Rajput Clan Chundawat Vansh Suryavansh Lineage: Raja Ram- Raja Lav| - Kanaksen of Vallabhi - Guhil - Bappa Rawal - Khoman - Hammir - Chunda.)

Chundawats are the descendants of Rana Chunda, [1] the eldest son of Sisodia - Rana Lakha of Mewar. Rana Chunda renounced his right to the throne so that his father could marry Hansa Kumari of Marwar, whose proposal had come for Chunda in the first place. Chundawats are gallant warriors of Rajputana. Rana Chunda sacrificed the Mewar throne and all the luxury for his stepbrother Rana Mokal (son of Hansa Kumari) and served his whole life for the welfare of the state of Mewar. These sacrifices were similar to the Bhishma of Mahabharat that's why Rana Chunda is also known as "Bhishma of Mewar".
Subclans of Chundawats
1. Krishnawat (Thikana - Salumber)
2. Meghawat (Thikana - Begu)
3. Jaggawat (Thikana - Amet)
4. Sangawat (Thikana - Devgarh)

Shatrunjai is the son of the Late Rawat Nahar Singhji of Deogarh - he studied at Mayo College and went on to do his Bachelor's and Master's in Economics From MS University Baroda, and did PGDM Marketing and worked with Reckitt and Coleman and later Tata Steel in various capacities- from the MD's office to Production Control and Planning, Road and Rail Transport and scrap sale, last being a branch head at Tata Steel- Delhi. He came back to Deogarh to help Deogarh Mahal restore his family home which was in a state of ruin and helped bring it to be one of the Best Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan with 60 rooms.- The management and operations in the initial years followed by Business planning, branding and positioning for the last 22 years - but the niche market was always his order of preference so he and his wife Bhavna started Dev Shree- a boutique residence where they reside.

Bhavna is from the illustrious Ghanerao family - daughter of Thakur Pushpendra Singhji who was a Senior Tea Planter in Assam. He joined Tata Tea after he had played for Mohan Bagan Football for a year- probably the best Footballer Mayo College had produced. He worked in the Tea industry for over 30 years- having a great interest in sports- especially tennis and golf being his favourite. Bhavna went to Welham Girls School in Dehra Dun and then to Sophia College Ajmer where she became the vice Head girl - she went on to join Tandem Merchandising to export Garments to various countries - including America-

Mahadhriti was schooled at Mayo College and was a keen squash player and cycle Polo player - representing the school and playing the Nationals- once going onto a Rank of India 22 when he was at school.

Presently he is studying at WGSHA - School of Hospitality and representing the University in squash swimming and hockey he has a special interest in Food and Beverage and reading books

Bhagyaditya Singh has also gone through Mayo College and has also played squash and cycle Polo he went on to Captain Mayo in Polo. He went to represent a young team in the UK - in Cirencester and Cheltenham.

Currently, he is studying at WGSHA with a special interest in Marketing and Branding

Bhavna's Brother Thakur Khem Singh runs Ghanerao safari tours - Horse Safaris which traverse between Godvar and Marwar into Mewar -

He studied at Doon School and was a tea planter. He joined Lokender Singh of Ghanerao (once the Captain of the Indian Polo team ) and his Father to operate the horse Safari tour company.

Garden area of Dev Shree during sunset


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