The Best Homestay in Rajasthan and seventh best in India - TripAdvisor rating of 2021.


At Dev Shree Deogarh, we take pride in offering meals prepared with the homely touch characteristic of Indian kitchens, steering clear of restaurant-style concoctions. Our menus, freshly curated daily with guest preferences in mind, highlight the season's bounty and local produce, largely sourced from our quaint kitchen garden and farms.

Your day begins with a robust continental breakfast offering a variety of cereals, fruits, juices, toasts, muffins, pancakes and eggs to order, and our house special “Mother’s Omelette” served with bacon, alongside an Indian selection.

Lunch is a picturesque affair on the lawns by the lake, basking in the sun while relishing an Indian mini meal of Chicken Biryani and Raita, Aloo Paratha, Tomato Chutney and Yoghurt or opt for Pasta and Grilled Sandwiches accompanied by fresh salads.

As night descends, the dining room comes alive with the rich flavours of Indian fare, served in a traditional Thali, showcasing an array of regional specialities.

Complementing your meals is a selection of beverages including aerated soft drinks, tonic water, lemon soda, local Chachh and Lassi (yoghurt-based) and local rose sherbets, each adding a refreshing touch to the dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Rajsamand.


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Garden area of Dev Shree during sunset


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