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Pehla Bagh Deogarh Madaria, Rajasthan, India | +91-9929172000

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Shatrunjai Singh Chundawat, a scion of  the Deogarh family decided to re-build heritage by way of a home for his family . There were many  discussions  on the style and design. But  a couple of things that he was  sure of was, that it had to have plenty of room for a regular flow of friends ,he wanted to showcase the local craftsmanship in his home and provide an opportunity for the local boys and girls to learn the tenets of hospitality.

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Verandah with a view – Sitting in the verandah with the lawn stretching out to the shore of the Ragho Sagar lake infuses a sense of calm. An ideal spot to watch the daily ‘going-ons’ of the migratory birds that are our annual winter visitors.

Central courtyard — “Feels like a Moroccan Kasba”as one of our friends called it— is an open to sky courtyard which is ideal to soak in the sun as well as to lounge and read.

The accent is to serve meals as prepared in Indian homes and an effort is made to keep away from Dishes as served in restaurants.The menus is drawn up daily taking guest preferences into consideration . We try to offer local produce which is seasonal and fresh. We even have a small kitchen garden and our farms which supply most of the vegetables and food grain.


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