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Inspired by the altruistic adage from our school prayer, "It is in giving that we receive," we at Dev Shree Deogarh, extend our hands towards individuals and foundations to magnify the impact on our local populace.

Our Trust stands as a testament to this endeavour, aiding 40 distinct schools, thereby enriching 3000 young lives. Though a humble seven-room property, our outreach is vast, magnified by our guests' generous contributions of sweaters, uniforms or monetary donations for textbooks and stationery. They partake in our cause, personally distributing the clothes or leaving donations that fund educational resources for the needy.

Our collaborative effort with government school teachers ensures aid reaches deserving students. A monumental achievement was the building of a Girls' school in Deogarh, with over 60% of the construction funded by us, amounting to 2 crore rupees. This noble cause garnered recognition from the Government of Rajasthan and witnessed international collaboration with a Swedish architectural firm via the "School by School" NGO, Sweden and The Ottakars Foundation, UK.

Now, we are spearheading the creation of two synthetic basketball courts, celebrating the sporting talent in our community, with some local players shining at the national level.

We extend our hospitality to students and teachers eager to contribute to local schools. In March, we anticipate a Gap Year student from the UK, who will immerse themselves in this enriching experience.

In alliance with the Green Soles Foundation, we are on the verge of distributing 10,000 upcycled slippers to needy children. This initiative not only addresses footwear necessities but also champions environmental sustainability and employment, encapsulating our commitment to social good.

Dev Shree Deogarh, through these ventures, emerges as a beacon of responsible tourism, intertwining luxury with a heartwarming cause.



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Garden area of Dev Shree during sunset


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