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"My ideal of Indian state is that of Ram Raj. The rule of the epic hero Ram by abandoning his kingdom and living in the forest for the sake of truth. Ram gave to all the kings of the world and object lesson in noble conduct. By his strict monogamy he showed that life of perfect restraint could be led by a Royal House holder . He lent spender to his throne by his popular administration and proved that Ram Raj was the acme of swaraj ( self rule) Ram did not need the very imperfect modern instrument of ascertaining public opinion by counting votes . He had captivated the hearts of the people . He knew public opinion by intuition , as it were... such Ram raj is possible even today...." 

"Kathiyad was conference address Jan 8 1925 ( printed in MK Gandhi ,Young india , 1924-26 (New York ,1927)"

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