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Shatrunjai Singh Chundawat, a scion of  the Deogarh family decided to re-build heritage by the way of a home for his family . There were many  discussions  on the style and design. But  a couple of things that he was  sure of was, that it had to have plenty of room for a regular flow of friends ,he wanted to showcase the local craftsmanship in his home and provide an opportunity for the local boys and girls to learn the tenets of hospitality.

Deogarh being  a principality of Mewar he wanted influences of Mewar heritage architecture  to suffuse his home and so he looked to Udaipur and  drew elements of  inspiration from the charming Bagor ki Haveli at Udaipur , the City Palace of Udaipur and the artists who worked on these properties . And that's how Dev Shree came to be . 

Built of Nimbahera stone the  local artisans clinked away at blocks of stone for almost 2 years , transforming them into intricately carved pillars which adorn the deep veranda overlooking the Ragho sagar lake. An ideal spot to relax,read a book or watch the local migratory birds on the lake.

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