ShaliniMinochaBeri wrote a review Feb 2020

Of Cats and Dogs The hosts are already famous for their unsurpassed hospitality, but it's the dogs you fall in love with immediately. They share this beautiful space with you, one that you've only read of in storybooks, and immediately make you feel at home.

The sun bounces off the stunning swimming pool, edged with ancient palms swaying in the balmy breeze. Sit there with your G&T, watching the painted storks and pelicans circle overhead before they make a graceful landing on the lake in front of you.

You are sated, replete with a fabulous breakfast: the sinful Devshree-special omlette has created a sensation on your Instagram page.

The day wafts by in an unhurried haze of endless pampering by the attentive staff. It's as if all those guilty Raj-era fantasies have come to life!

You set out for a sunset date with a leopard, and what a cat she was! She stood there - no ramp would see such grace! - then played a leisurely game of peek-a-boo, glancing down at us, then looking haughtily away, while the setting sun backlit her, as if directed by some legendary auteur.

The day winds down. A royal Rajasthani feast, whose highlight is the slow-simmered Lal Maas and flaky batties, prepares you perfectly for sleep. You melt into the lap of luxurious beds, and in minutes it's lights out. I could live this life every day

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