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raggedapple wrote a review Mar 2020

Peaceful, calming, perfect. We arrived here after several days touring city sites. The contrast could not have been more striking! Immediately greeted with a cooling drink we were urged to relax, take the weight off our feet while the charming hostess introduced us to her home (hotel just doesn't seem the right word - and it is a home). The rooms are spacious and placed around a central courtyard. This becomes a meeting place in the evenings around a fire for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. The grounds are beautiful - the house is surrounded by lawns and garden - the trees well visited by birds - the whole looking out onto a lake with storks and pelicans. Meals are served either on the terrace or in the large dining room and you are encouraged to join other guests at the table. The host and hostess join you for dinner. It's a little like stepping back in time to a more sophisticated period. The staff are wonderful - doubling up during the day to either take yoga or guide then dressing in traditional costume for dinner. The host is rightly proud of his home and is happy to entertain you with the history of his notable family. He will also take you out on safari - a tour of his land where you might see a leopard, other wildlife and birds before watching the sunset over a lake with a gin and sandwich. The food is delightful and much of it is produced on their land. I must persuade the hostess to produce a recipe book - I think she found this idea interesting!

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