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Ian wrote a review Mar 2020

Returning to Dev Shree Devshree is an oasis of peace and tranquillity coupled with warm and genuine hospitality from the hosts, making it feel very much as a home from home. We have just returned from our second visit, the first being 3 years ago. We wanted to do a different trail and visit new places, but could not leave this gem off our itinerary, confident that it would offer us the opportunity to simply unwind in beautiful surroundings in the middle of a hectic tour.

Every aspect was as we remembered it, oozing personal service and attention by the owners. We had not long checked into a spacious and comfortable room and enjoyed a delicious lunch (made to family recipes), when we got news of a leopard visiting the area. The owner soon had us and other guests in their jeep and drove us out to the area it had been sighted. With some patience and binoculars to hand, we were lucky to see the big cat, unusually basking in the afternoon sun in the middle of a quarry.

We loved the early evening drive out with the hosts, through the local villages and bird spotting in the countryside, culminating with sundowners on the top of a hill, overlooking a beautiful lake. Next it was back to the house for drinks and canapes around a warm and relaxing campfire, followed by dinner, accompanied by interesting and entertaining stories by the hosts and guests. A memorable visit once again and it is no accident that Devshree is so special. All credit to the owners and their well trained staff. Hospitality at its best!

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