Faroukh & Jyoti Debu wrote a review Mar 2020

Perfect Class and Taste! As we drove into Deogarh from the hustle of Udaipur, a few turns, some narrow streets, we suddenly open into grandeur. Dev Shree - is not just a boutique luxury hotel, it's a home in a time machine. Built and run by the scion of the royal family, Shatrunjai and his wife Bhavna, we step into a bygone era as we step out of our car.

There is class and taste all around. From the steps to the hall, the Mosaic to the art; from the corridors to the rooms and from the colours to the sounds; the lawns, the flowers, the lakes and pelicans, just about everything is perfect.

We were pampered with drinks and divine cuisines through our stay - lunch in the middle of their family farmlands, drinks by a bonfire, dinner in the dining hall reminiscent of the raj and breakfast by the lake!

Throw in leopard and bird watching safari in the dusty terrains of stone mines, endless stories of a period gone by, helpful and courteous home staff, the stay was an incredible experience.

But the best part of this experience is that you will leave not just with memories of a grand holiday but with a lifelong friendship with the hosts and their own little paradise

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